"If You Suffer Pain in Your Back, Neck or Shoulders
The ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE May Be More Important to You
Than Anything You Have Ever Tried Before"


Dear Friend.

  If you think about the pain and discomfort that brought you to this page, ask yourself: "What it would be like if I did nothing about it?"

   Think seriously about this.

   I'm sure you agree that your problem would get gradually worse... maybe until you become immobile or need surgery before long.

  Not something to look forward to, is it?

  And you're probably tired being like this and really want things to change, so wouldn't it be better to improve your situation than allow it to continue deteriorating like it's done so far? 

   So think about this... what if... a few weeks from now... after learning the Alexander Technique... your problem faded away and your condition improved? What would that do for you?

  Nice thought, isn't it?

  And... what if, when you've mastered the Alexander Technique... in 15 hour or less... it not only made your problems fade away, but also left you calmer, more relaxed, energetic and mobile... with less stress, tension or pain?

  Wouldn't this be great?

  Of course it would.

  And what if, in a few weeks from now, you could do the things you used to enjoy doing before your problem started?

  Think about it. Wouldn't it be worth checking out?... Wouldn't you be wise to investigate it  - even try it out - especially if you know it's been proven to help people like you for over 107 years?


  So what are you waiting for? You've made a great start by coming here... which I'm sure means you're the kind of person who, deep-down inside, feels highly motivated to make positive changes in your life. And that's good, because the Alexander Technique is the perfect addition to your good-health program - just the thing to help you take away the pain, as it has done for many other back pain sufferers like you.

  Learning the Alexander Technique is something you won't regret. Because, if you're looking for something special and unique that will make make a big difference for you... the Alexander Technique is it.

  And you can rest assured that the Alexander Technique is tried-and-tested and medically proven to work, so it would be a sin not to try it for yourself, wouldn't it?

  So... have a look at the testimonials, listen to the audios from some of my pupils and browse the pages on this site for answers to your Alexander Technique question.

  Or better still, give me a call on 07946 176 003 or 020 8803 5716 to talk about how I can help you... or click here to email me.

  I look forward to our chat.

  Yours sincerely


  P.S. Don't forget to ask about my SPECIAL OFFERS when you call.






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  • The Alexander Technique is an essential part of my overall program of health
  • Alexander Technique lessons with Joseph have made a big difference
  • Thanks to Alexander Technique lessons with Joseph. I have better posture
  • Thanks to Alexander Technique lessons with Joseph. I have better posture
  • Thanks to Alexander Technique lessons with Joseph. I have better posture
  • Thanks to Alexander Technique lessons with Joseph. I have better posture

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